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Fire Gypsy provides professional performances for Music Videos in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, New York and anywhere in the USA or internationally!

Music Video Fire Performer


Massachusetts Music Video Shoot Fire Performer Connecticut Fire Dancer Rhode Island Fire Eater New Hampshire Fire BreatherHaving a Fire Performance in your music video is the perfect way to entertain your guests! A fire show will make your music video shoot a memorable experience for everyone of all ages. Imagine a fire eater and fire breather in YOUR music video! Your fans will talk about the fire dancer in your music video for years! You'll can have incredible fire acts such as fire belly dance, fire fans, fire staff, fire hula hoop, fire poi, fire hip belt with palm torches, and many more other fire props! You'll see Sasha execute moves like mind-blowing backbends as she spins balls of fire just inches from her face! Contact us to plan your music video entertainment with fire spinners and fire twirlers today!

Fire Shows


Music Video Sideshow Performer


Massachusetts Music Video Shoot Sideshow Performer Connecticut FreakShow Act Rhode Island Glass Walking New Hampshire Bed Of Nails Blockhead Machete Ladder Sword LadderYou can have your very own SIDESHOW in your music video! Shock your fans as a sideshow performer eats a lightbulb in your music video! A sideshow performer will perform classic acts in your video such as the human blockhead act! Your band members can even stand on Sasha's stomach as she lies on a bed of real sharp nails! Or how about hopping on a freakshow performer's back piggy back style as she walks on real broken glass! You can FEEL the glass breaking under your combined weight through her body! Watch as Sasha climbs a ladder made of real sharp MACHETES! That's right, a machete sword ladder! Have your mind blown as Sasha's swallows a whole 3 foot long balloon! Where does it go? Only one way to find out! Book a sideshow for your music video today!



Music Video LED Light Show Performer


Massachusetts Music Video Shoot LED Hula Hoop Performer Connecticut LED Poi Dancer Rhode Island LED Light Show New Hampshire LED Smart Hoop Blacklight LED Poi Spinner PartyLight up your music video shoot with your very own LED light show performer! You could have your very own LED Hula Hoop Dancer in your music video! Sasha performs with a smart LED hula hoop that creates incredible mind blowing patterns! If you think you know hula hooping, think again! You'll see Sasha LED hula hooping on all different parts of her body that you never thought possible! Sasha also performs LED poi dancing! Have a LED poi spinner in your music video! Make your music video unique by having LED light entertainment or a blacklight show! Book a LED light performer for your music video today!

LED Light Shows


Music Video Aerial Performer


Massachusetts Music Video Shoot Aerial Hoop Performer Connecticut Aerial Lyra Artist Rhode Island Aerialist New Hampshire Aerial Hammock Dancer Circus Aerial SlingBring the excitement level of your music video higher with a circus aerial hammock performer! Having an aerialist in your music video is a great way to wow your fans! You'll see Sasha perform stunning acrobatics in the air and shocking drops! Whether your ceiling is 13 feet high or 30 feet high, Sasha has an aerial act that fits your music video! You could have your very own aerial bartender in your music video! Sasha will pour champagne or liquor while hanging upside down from her aerial lyra! Whether you have an aerial lyra hoop performer pouring champagne for your music video or an ambient aerial hammock act, your fans will be mesmerized! Book an aerial artist for your music video today!

Aerial Shows


Music Video Angle Grinder Girl Show


Massachusetts Music Video Shoot Grinder Girl Connecticut Angle Grinder Performer Rhode Island Grinder Sparks Dancer New Hampshire Power Grinder Girl ShowPower tools meets performance! The unique angle grinder girl show is a great way to spark up the excitement at your music video shoot! This high RPM act combines a power angle grinder and custom steel armor to create shooting sparks! Sasha takes her grinder to the different custom steel plates on her shins, arms, and chest! You'll see Sasha create sparks that pulse with the beat of the music and watch as she puts her hand in the stream of sparks! Having an angle grinder show is the perfect way to surprise your guests, or even book a show to surprise the guest of honor! Your music video fans will never stop talking about that girl who showed up and put on a grinder sparks show! Book a grinder girl sparks act for your music video today!

Angle Grinder Girl Shows


Music Video Mermaid


Massachusetts Music Video Shoot Mermaid Performer Connecticut Mermaid Pool Party Rhode Island Real Swimming Mermaid New Hampshire Kids Mermaid Pool Party Custom TailBring your imagination to life with a real live mermaid in your music video! You can have a mermaid swimming in your music video! Book a real mermaid for your music video today!