Fire Performance Safety Standards


Fire Gypsy Productions follows the highest safety standards and protocols for performing with fire.
Fire performance should look dangerous, not be dangerous.




Sasha has liability insurance through Specialty Insurance Agency.


This policy includes:

Each Occurrence: $3,000,000
General Aggregate: $5,000,000
Products-Completed Operations Aggregate: $3,000,000
Personal and Advertising Injury: $3,000,000
Damage to Rental Premises (Fire Legal Liability): $300,000
Medical Expenses: $5,000


Sasha can also acquire a specific certificate of additional insured for a venue. Please give 48 hours notice of request to process through Specialty Insurance.

You can right click the link below and select "save link as" to download Sasha's insurance certificate. To request a certificate without the address blurred out, please email.
Click to download Insurance Certificate


A professionally trained Fire Safety Technician and Certified NYC Fire Guard is always on site to assist with the show.
Each tool is thoroughly inspected before each use for any flaws or loose connections, ensuring that they are safe to perform with. If any issues are found, they are either corrected, or another prop is chosen to replace it. Each wick is squeezed out after fueling to reduce excess fuel. By doing this, it eliminates any fuel drip or spin off spray.
Sasha uses a double bucket fueling station which ensures safe and foolproof fueling and fuel storage. Sasha only uses fuels appropriate for fire performance and are clean burning with limited smoke and fumes.
A fire extinguisher and no less than three Duvetyne fire retardant blankets are on site.
Sasha can work with your local fire department to acquire any permits that may be necessary to perform at your venue.
Sasha has a Certificate of Education in Fire Safety for the Flow Arts.

You can right click the link below and select "save link as" to download Sasha's certificate of education.
Click to download Certificate
Sasha is now FDNY E-29 Fire Performer certified!
With these safety measures in mind, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the show without any worries. Sasha has a perfect safety record!



Are you wondering, "Am I able to have a fire performance at my venue?" Here are the simple requirements!



Outside performances can be performed virtually anywhere. Shows can be performed on the grass, dirt, driveway, sidewalk, street, beach, sand, concrete, deck, dock, patio, pretty much anywhere!

A minimum 10ft by 10ft area with flat, even ground and no large rocks or holes

No low hanging tree branches over the performance area

Performances can be done under the highest point of large tents with no hanging decorations directly above the performance area

A sound system or boom box with auxiliary input


Permission from the owner of the venue and subject to jurisdiction laws

Minimum 7ft by 7ft performance area, 10ft by 10ft or larger preferred

Platform/Pod performances are possible

Minimum 8ft tall ceilings for smaller acts, 9ft+ tall for larger acts with no hanging decorations directly above the performance area

Means to secure the area from the audience, security personnel or a roped off area

A backstage area, or secure room, to fuel and prepare in that the general public doesn't have access to

A DJ or sound system with an auxiliary input

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