Fire Shows

Fire Gypsy is a fire performer who provides incredible, mind blowing, and versatile fire performances in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, and New York. Sasha the Fire Gypsy is available to perform anywhere in the USA or internationally.

Each fire performance is customized to your event, budget, and vision.

The fire show is designed to build in speed, difficulty, and excitement while combining choreography, theatrics, drama, contortion, acrobatics, and dance to bring fire performance to the highest level of amazement and professionalism! The show is performed in costume and choreographed to music.

With 10 years of professional performance experience and hundreds of fire shows performed for hundreds of clients and thousands upon thousands of spectators, you can be sure that you are hiring a professional fire performer to put on an incredible, mind blowing show that is 100% safe!


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Sasha performs a multitude of different fire acts, including unique, custom made props to create a show that will leave your guests talking for years to come! The way she moves with the fire brings a whole new meaning to the term "Fire Dance" as she truly manipulates the flame as if it is an extension of her own body. If you are looking to amaze, look no further!

Your guests will watch in amazement as Sasha puts fiery torches out with her mouth, dances with a blazing hula hoop in ways you never imagined, and executes mind melting backbends while spinning balls of fire just inches away from her face! You will FEEL the heat when Sasha breathes huge, towering plumes of fire! Heat up any event or party with a one-of-a-kind performance by the Fire Gypsy!

Sasha has performed venues, parties, and events of ALL kinds. From the largest nightclubs in NYC, to the smallest bars, to backyard parties, kids birthdays, corporate events, and everything in between. Sasha has many costume styles and colors to choose from to fit your theme, and you can even select a music style that best fits your event.

Sasha follows the highest safety standards for performing with fire. Fire performance should look dangerous, not be dangerous. She carries liability insurance, and is always accompanied by a trained Fire Safety Technician and certified NYC Fire Guard.

Fire Shows can be performed inside or outside. Inside shows are subject to your local fire regulations.


You can find a visual list of the different fire acts below

Massachusetts Fire Eater Fire Eating Performer Fire Show Fire Dancer Rhode Island Connecticut

Fire Eating

Fire Eating is a slow, graceful, and controlled act. Sasha performs various fire eating skills such as vapor holds, teeth holds, tongue transfers, skin transfers, and fleshing. Sasha is able to get up close and personal with this act, giving you an incredibly close view. You'll be amazed as she lights parts of her own body on FIRE!

Fire Breathing

Stand back and get ready to feel the heat as Sasha breathes giant towering plumes of fire out of her mouth! This thrilling and high energy act will amaze you as she times the fire breaths with the intense beats of the music. As the most dangerous of all the acts, this one will leave you breathless!

Connecticut Fire Belly Dance Hip Belt Palm Torches Fire Performer Fire Dancer Massachusetts Rhode Island Fire Show
Circus Fire Hip Belt and Palm Torches Massachusetts Fire Dancer Fire Performer Fire Eater Fire Breather Connecticut Rhode Island

Fire Hip Belt with Palm Torches

This belt with attached wicked spokes is strapped to Sasha's waist, accentuating each movement of her hips with fire. It is paired with palm torches, which are held in each hand. This act features tribal fusion belly dance and lots of variable speed movements and dance.

Massachusetts Fire Fans Dancer Fire Performer Fire Eater Fire Breather

Fire Fans

Two fans....on FIRE! These fire fans contain a LOT of flame! The fire fans are held in each hand and allow Sasha to move herself and the fans with precision to the transitions and pauses in the music, while also including full movement dance and fabulous fan spins!

Fire Hula Hoop Performer FireGypsy Massachusetts Connecticut Rhode Island
Massachusetts Fire Hula Hoop Circus Performer Cirque LED Light Show Hoops Hooping Hooper Fire Dancer Fire Performer RI CT

Fire Hula Hoop

Yes, a hula hoop, on FIRE! You will be amazed as you watch Sasha execute incredible moves you never thought were possible with what you previously perceived to be a "kids toy". Watch her dance with this ring of fire, performing on and off the body moves to beat of the music.

Fire Staff

You will be mesmerized by the quick spinning of this fiery twist on the traditional martial arts bo-staff. During this act, you'll watch as Sasha performs some vision blurring fast spins, one handed tosses, back-bending palm spins, and so much more with this 6 foot long fire staff!

Massachusetts Fire Poi Performer Fire Dancer CT RI Fire Eater Fire Breather

Fire Poi

Fire poi is definitely a crowd favorite! These two balls of fire on chains are spun with precision only inches from Sasha's body, face, and hair. Watch as Sasha spins these fireballs to the beat of the music. This is a much faster, more extreme act that will leave you in awe!

Fire Sparkles Ropes Snakes Performer Sklitter Pyrotechnic Metal Flakes Massachusetts Dancer

Fire Sparkle Ropes

Not only are these rope version of Poi on fire and being spun at high speeds with BIG flames, but they are treated with a special additive that makes them SPARKLE! This extreme act is performed at high speed and is usually part of the finale. The audience goes WILD for this act!

Fire Collar

This wearable contraption is a truly one-of-a-kind design. It can be paired with the hip belt and palm torches, or with the grinder act. Or it can be worn solo for a theatrical styled performance.

Fire Walls

A Fire Gypsy Productions original, the Fire Walls create an added WOW effect to any show finale! These stainless steel channels with raised wicking were fabricated by Sasha, and are the only ones ever made!

Custom Fire Props

As a metal fabricator, blacksmith, and welder, Sasha has the ability to create virtually anything. Sasha can create a custom sign where your logo or business name lights on fire for a grand opening. Or she could add the new year into her fire collar for a special New Year's Eve performance!

Group Fire Shows

Fire Gypsy Productions is capable of producing stage quality fire performances with multiple performers and beautiful choreography for big events! These shows could be full-length, or different, small 10 minute sections performed several times throughout the event. These shows include matching costumes, and mirrored partner routines.



With over 13 different fire acts, Sasha is one of the only fire performers who has trained and become proficient in enough acts to perform a 30-40 minute non-stop solo show. Fire shows range from 10 minutes to 45 minutes long. The longer the show, the more acts can be performed. Sasha also works with other amazing fire performers for even bigger, longer, and more extravagant shows!

Here are a few standard fire show options to choose from. You can mix and match any props into the shows, or create your own length, and fire breathing is available to add to the end of any show.

The performance time is an estimate relative to the average burn time of all the included props combined.

10 Minute Fire Show

Option 1: Fire Eating, Fire Hip Belt with Palm Torches, and Fire Fans.
Option 2: Fire Eating, Fire Hula Hoop, and Fire Poi.
Option 3: Fire Eating, Fire Fans, and Fire Poi.
Option 4: Fire Eating, Fire Fans, and fire Hula Hoop.

15 Minute Fire Show

Option 1: Fire Eating, Hip Belt with Palm Torches, Fans, and Poi.
Option 2: Fire Eating, Hip Belt with Palm Torches, Hula Hoop, and Poi.
Option 3: Fire Eating, Fans, Hula Hoop, and Poi.

20 Minute Fire Show

This is our most popular show and includes:
Fire Eating, Fans, Hula Hoop, Poi, Charcoal Scepter, and a big finale of Fire Breathing and Ropes with a special additive that makes them sparkle!
You could choose one, 20 minute show, or two 10 minute sets.


30 Minute Fire Show

This is a more full-length show with almost all of the fire acts and includes:
Fire Eating, Hip Belt with Palm Torches, Sword, Fans, Staff, Hula Hoop, Poi, Charcoal Scepter, and a big finale of Fire Breathing and Ropes with a special additive that makes them sparkle!
You could choose one, 30 minute show, or two 15 minute sets

45 Minute Fire Show

This show is a full-length production. It also includes an additional fire breathing performer.
The set list would be as follows:
Fire Eating, Hip Belt with Palm Torches, Double Staves
Fire Breathing
Sword, Fans, Staff, Poi
Fire Breathing
Hula Hoop, Grinder, Sparkle Ropes
Fire Breathing and Fire Collar finale with Fire Walls!

The Nightclub

Separate, one act performances spaced out 30-60 minutes apart. This is ideal for busy nightclubs, or events who have different forms of entertainment switching up all night.