LED Light Shows

Sasha performs spectacular LED Light Shows! LED shows are great for all kinds of events. Whether it is a nightclub, blacklight party, or just your birthday, an LED performance will be the highlight of your night! We feature a state of the art LED Hula Hoop with programmable settings that display incredible colorful patterns. A unique and beautiful set of programmable LED Isis wings with a wide variety of different patterns and colors. And last but not least, LED poi that have many different settings and colors.

LED Hula Hoop

Your guests will be dazzled by this incredible Smart LED Hula Hoop! This hoop creates amazing, hypnotic patterns in all different colors! Not only will Sasha be doing impressive tricks with this hoop, but the hoop itself will also blow your mind!


Sasha performs a visually vibrant LED Poi show! LED Poi performances can be either ambient, go-go style, or a choreographed performance. Great for blacklight events, raves, and nightclubs!

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