LED Light Shows

Sasha performs spectacular LED Light Shows!

LED light performances are great for all kinds of events. Whether it is a nightclub, blacklight party, corporate event, or just your birthday, an LED dance performance will be the highlight of your night!

LED Hula Hoops

We have the highest quality LED hula hoops that use persistence of vision technology to display patterns and images in the air as they are performed. These hoops can not only be set to matching colors and color patterns of your theme, but also with basic images to go along with them! We can perform with a single hoop as a choreographed performance piece, multiple hoops, a multiple act LED show, or perform ambient roving hooping around the venue, or even on stilts.

LED Isis Wings

This twist on the traditional belly dance Isis wings features 164 vibrant RGB LEDs! They are programmable to any color and have several different animations from raining to morphine rainbow! These can be programmed to be performed to music with changing patterns and colors. We can perform a choreographed performance, include them in a multiple act LED show, perform them ambient while roving around the venue, or even use them on stilts.

LED Fans

These light up fans come pre-programmed with a variety of colors and effects such as solid colors, strobing colors and fading/morphing rainbow. They can also be programmed to music for choreographed performances. We can also perform with them in multiple act shows, ambient roving entertainment around the venue, or even on stilts.


We offer two types of LED light up poi.

-Regular LED Poi: These LED light poi have preset color patterns installed.

-LED Visual Poi: These are extremely high tech state of the art LED poi that have 136 pixels to create high definition images in the air using persistence of vision technology. Sasha is also a graphic artist and can take any image you choose and edit it to be a perfect image in these poi. From seamless repeating images to match your theme, logos from your business, pictures of the birthday guest of honor, written messages, and so much more! These can be programmed with custom images to precision musical timing for stunning choreographed performances! They can also be performed in a multiple act show, ambient roving entertainment around the venue, or even on stilts.

But we don't stop there! Feel free to inquire about other LED acts. We also have LED Cyr Wheel artists, LED Aerialists, LED Staff Performers, and much more!