Stilt Walking


Hire a Stilt Walker for events in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, New York, and anywhere you need a fantastic tall character!

Bring the circus to your party by having a Stilt Walking character roaming around your event! This popular style of roving entertainment is a hit at all kinds of events, large and small! Having a character on stilts is great for backyard parties, birthdays, corporate functions, company events, picnics, faires, festivals, parades, luaus, holiday events, new years, and so much more! It is great for photo opportunities. Our characters can also be seen at parades all over the New England area.

Not only does Sasha do stilt walking, but she performs stilt dancing! What better way to engage a crowd than having fun and dancing with them. On top of stilt dancing, she also performs with props on stilts! Ranging from a selection of every color of Isis wings, bubble guns, silk fans, parasol, hula hoop, poi, and more, she brings yet another performance aspect to the art of stilt walking. She also offers LED props such as LED Isis wings, LED fans, LED hula hoop, and LED poi.

Our witch popping out of a giant light up pumpkin costume is perfect for Halloween. The Ice Queen/Angel/Snow Princess is great for any winter fest, fire and ice, holiday stroll, Christmas event, tree lighting ceremony, parade, etc. We have a stilt walking Cinderella, a cute clown, circus stripes, red sequins, gold sequins, peacock, color themes, Mardi Gras, La Hora Loca, masquerade, and so much more.

We offer many different stilt walking characters and can create custom costumes based on your imagination. We are always sewing up a new stilting costume in our workshop, so please don't hesitate to contact us regarding your request.

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