Red Dead Redemption 2 – I am IN THE GAME!

I am performing with fire in the hit game Red Dead Redemption 2!


I worked on this project two years ago and had no idea what game I was going to be in. It was a surprise when a google alert for "fire breather" was sent to my email leading back to a site with a game trailer review. I was so excited to see that in the trailer was me, err, rather my motions fire breathing in a theater show for Rockstar Games Red Dead Redemption 2! I was kinda blindsided. R* is huge, and this game is huge.

Now, I am not normally a fan of cowboys and such. But clearly, I had to play the game. Because I am IN IT! So when it was released, I spent a day and a half downloading it and went to town. I had no idea where to find myself, I had no idea how this particular game played or what it was entirely about. But I went for it.

To my surprise, this game is highly addictive. It is incredibly well made and very immersive. The detail is astounding.

Without giving things away too much(for now), I came across a mother in a bar with her "freak" son having a freak out. Now, I am not really a fan of that term because I am in the sideshow community and I know many people with deformities and other physical abnormalities and I don't think they appreciate the "freak" term, but I know many of them embrace it and I do know that this game takes place in a time where things were rough on the edges. Either way, they were one of the first ? situations I came across in the game. I helped them, they led me to another task, and once I completed that they thanked me and invited me to come see their show and told me where to find them. I knew right then and there that I would find myself in their show. I mean, freakshow and fire go together like Harley and boots. Plus, where else could they possibly fit me in the game?

So (spoilers below), I immediately stop whatever else I was doing in the game to go explore and find myself. At this point, the map is still mostly missing and I have to just ride and figure it out as best I can. I remembered the words she said but I couldn't quite find it on the map. San Denny? What? After riding roads and looking at signs I figured out that it was pronounced with an accent. Saint Denis. I headed toward there and went to both theater markers on the map. And the second one I went to was it!

I am at the Râleur Théâtre also known as the Vaudeville Theater in Saint Denis. I talked to the man in the window and because I had helped the family before, I was let in for free. I knew I did three acts, but I did not know which ones made it into the game or if they would be displayed in the same show. I almost fell over when they revealed me in the show. Like I said, I knew nothing at the time. It turns out I am a Colombian woman named Antoinette Sanseverino donned in beautiful cultural belly dance clothing and put on a fantastic show. The first act that I saw in the initial show I attended was the fire eating with fire breathing. They got some of the fire eating tech wrong 3/4 of the way through so it looks kind of strange, but overall they did a great job capturing it all!

I do three different acts. You have to go in several times to see them all. I do one per show and sometimes none. But either way, the show changes and you see something new. So just keep going in, you wont be disappointed! Also, during the drumroll at the end of the fire breathing act, you can antagonize for an interesting ending.


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